How To Combat Acne Inside And Out

Acne can be annoying to treat, whether you’re an adult or a teenager. Acne treatment is largely advertised as removing as much oil, or sebum as possible from the skin, but the key to acne treatment is actually balance. 

Acne is primarily caused by the overproduction of sebum, or oil, which leads to clogged pores. To effectively address this issue, it's essential to manage excessive oil production. 

However, simply eliminating oil from the skin is not the solution, as it can actually increase oil production and result in skin that feels both dry and oily, a condition known as off-balance skin. Balancing acne-prone skin requires a proper and consistent home care regimen, as well as potentially eliminating certain foods from your diet. 

As an esthetician who treats all different skin types and acne, here is the treatment plan I recommend to my clients to treat acne topically, and from the inside out. 



When it comes to cleansing, it's best to avoid harsh, scrub-like, foamy cleansers that can strip the skin and aggravate acne. Instead, opt for pH-balanced Milk Cleansers, such as LAIT VIP 02 and LAIT S.R.

For younger or excessively oily skin, consider using Sebu Wash, a mild gel cleanser containing salicylic acid and tea tree oil, both of which are known to combat oil and acne-causing bacteria.



Next up, I recommend preparing your skin for your masks and serums with Lotion P50 1970. Lotion P50 1970 is toning, purifying, and exfoliating, and is renowned for treating oily and acne-prone skin. This product acts as an antiseptic while pH balancing the skin without causing dryness or irritation. Visible results can be seen after consistent use for two weeks or more.



Acne-prone skin also benefits from regular masking and hydration. Using Mask Vivant mixed with Mask Vip 02 two to four times a week can help repair the skin's biome, promote healthy bacteria, purify, brighten, and oxygenate the skin. Mask VIP 02 is particularly effective because bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated environment.



If there’s one investment every acne-suffering individual should splurge in, it’s serums! Serums are crucial for treating acne-prone skin. Serums are water-based, thin, and penetrate deep into the skin, carrying strategic ingredients that target specific concerns. 

Hydration-based serums, such as Extraits Tissulaires, along with a mild salicylic acid serum are beneficial for acne-prone skin. Complex Iribiol serum is especially effective for fighting acne.



Adding a Vitamin A product to your skincare routine can be beneficial when dealing with acne. However, it's best to avoid strong prescription tretinoin (generic name for a compound of vitamin A), as it can make the skin dry, flaky, and vulnerable. Instead, consider using a mild vitamin A moisturizer like Environ-AVST 1 Moisturizer, which helps increase vitamin A in the skin cells, regulates skin cells, aids in healing and proper division, and brightens post-acne scarring and pigmentation.

Despite the common misconception around moisturizers and acne, moisturizing is crucial for acne-prone and oily skin. You just have to select the right moisturizer that’s oil-free. A good oil-free cream, such as Dermopurifiante, can purify, hydrate, and eliminate acne, delivering stunning results from teenage acne to adult breakouts.



In addition to skincare, maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet can be beneficial for treating acne-prone skin. Consider eliminating dairy, processed sugars, simple starches like bread and pasta, US-grown soy, iodine-rich foods like seaweed, and greasy foods. Even experimenting with taking breaks from these foods to see how your skin changes is a good way to test your skin’s reaction to your diet. 

Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep are also important for managing stress and flushing out toxins from your body, so that you do not see this show up in your skin!


Receive A Customized Regimen 

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