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Ginto Facial Sculpting Tool

Ginto Facial Sculpting Tool

Omni Hiraya
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Ginto Face Sculpting tool is an ergonomically designed 24-karat plated tool with Gua Sha and Science combined. This hand held tool boasts a no charging required feature because of its embedded solar panels. It will absorb any present artificial orsolarlight in the room and emit it to gentle microamp safe enough to use for everyone 18+ even individuals with micro-current sensitivity.

Handle - Zinc alloy + Gold electroplating
Roller Ball- ABS material + Gold galvanic plating, Light absorption panel

24-Karat Gold plating is used because real gold is a conductive material that pairs well with the device’s microamp output.

*Note that the 24-karat gold is naturally soft and slight fading may occur overtime from use.




ROHS CERTIFIED. Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) EU rules restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment to protect the environment and public health. All materials used to create the tool are tested and safe.


This tool can be used as an at-home care maintenance after Microcurrent in office Treatments.

The beauty of this tool is that it is both travel friendly and can be used everyday during a morning or
night time regimen along side different products gel, serums or masks, creams and moisturizers or
oils but the suggested products to use with the tool are water based serum and or hydrating masks
mixed with water for better current penetration on the face.

The Y-shaped design of the tool makes it an efficient product to use in both face and body to help
with relieving muscle tension, face puffiness, boost blood circulation, helps tone and sculpt facial
muscles, helps to maintain and firm the skin when consistently paired with in office treatments and
quality products.

**Note ** the tool's microcurrent output is around 3uA to 20uA max microamp only this is very gentle and not the same as the NUFACE with micramp of 400uA .It is normal to not feel the current but the microAmp current is present as long as there is light in the room.

Cleaning the tool:

-Using the wipe cloth included in the box is highly recommended when cleaning the tool

-For deep cleaning please use mild soap and water and always ensure that the product is dry before storing in the pouch (which is also included)

- Do not submerge or soak the tool in water because this could break the solar panel which needs to be functional in order for the microcurrent feature to work.

-Do not use strong alcohol or jewelry cleaning products on tool to protect the gold plating integrity overtime.

-Do not put inside the fridge as well to ensure gold plating longevity and solar panel function.

-Always store the tool in the pouch to avoid getting major scratches.






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